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Dr. Anal K. Jha

Dr. Anal Kant Jha did his M.Sc. in Botany (Plant Physiology and Biochemistry) from Bhagalpur University in 1988 and M.Phil. in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, U.K. in 1990 as a benefeciary of the ODA Cambridge Scholarship, where he worked with the world pioneering group (Prof. Sir Peter Mensfield, N.L.; Prof. Peter Morris and Prof. D.H.Northcote, FRS) on MRI and applied this technique to development of plant system which was presented in the prestigeous Royal Society discussion meeting in 1990 and subsequently appeared in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London, U.K. He was the first indian to have done that kind of pioneering work on NMR Microscopy of Plant System. After his return from the U.K. he obtained his Ph.D. in Plant Biochemistry in 1993 from T.M. Bhagalpur University.
He was lone asian to be invited to attend a workshop on Plant Molecular Biology in July 1994 by the University of London, U.K. He continued his post doctoral work till 1997 at University of Nottingham with Prof. Peter Mensfield and Peter Morris on MRI and on return he taught at Bhagalpur university.  In 2001 he went to the JNU, New Delhi as Research Associate and worked on Plant Biotechnology at the School of Life Sciences. On return in 2002, he joined as faculty in the newly established Department of Biotechnology at Marwari College, T.M. Bhagalpur University till 2009. He started working on Nanobiotechnology from 2004 in active collaboration with Dr. Kamal Prasad,  University Department of Physics, TM Bhagalpur  University. He has 43 publications (31 in Nanoscience and Technology) 3 book chapters and many nano-based products and processes to his credit which are required to be patented soon. Dr. Jha has developed technology for the fabrication of nanomaterials based multipurpose face masks and indelible ink and a few green nanomaterials synthesis protocols and currently working on Wound healing lotion cum dressing gel and Online water filter system (along with Prof. K. Prasad).He is honorary technical consultant ofTechsol International and Park Nano, Ranchi (Jharkhand). He is an active member of International Community on Nanoscience (Nanopaprika), Materiala Indica and a fellow of Cambridge Commonwealth Society, a distinction which he got from the Cambridge Commonwealth Society, Trinity College, Cambridge, U.K., for being awarded a Cambridge Fellowship in 1989.

For more about Dr. Anal Kant Jha, please download: CURRICULUM VITAE

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