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Dr. Rakesh Kr. Singh

Brief details of Qualification and Experience of Dr. Rakesh Kr Singh

  1. 1. Guided/ Completed/ In final Progress of 14 Ph.D. and 30 M.Tech students in multidisciplinary area of frontiers research of 21st century and Published/reported more than 125 research papers in international/national Journals/proceedings.
        Dr. Rakesh Kr Singh was born at Kasamra Village of Purnea district of Bihar on 1st March 1978. He did Ph.D in year 2008 in Nano science field in the faculty of Physics and Guided/completed/ final progress of 14 Ph.D. students in multidisciplinary of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. He has published/Reported about more than 125 research publications (Research profile- https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rakesh_Singh44) in SCI/Scopus/Wos/ Peer reviewed journal. The multidisciplinary research activities carried out by Dr. Rakesh are- Ceramics Magnetic nanoparticles, Ayurvedic nanomedicine, Food nanomaterials and Silica nanoparticles from rice husk, Physics education and some others related work. 30 M.Tech students completed their project thesis/ awarded degree and 10 M.Tech students are working under his supervision in the field of Food- nanotechnology, Nano-Electronics, Nanotechnology in Environment & Agriculture (Scientific/Human resource development activities details-www.drrakeshsingh.com).
  3. 2. Research of Dr. Rakesh was appreciated/Cited by more than 75 countries and invited to deliver a lecture by these countries.
        Dr. Rakesh Kr Singh research work are being cited by academicians/scientist of more than 25 countries, like Germany, Romania, China, Brazil, Thailand, UK, USA, Japan, Egypt and others. He has also invited by these countries to deliver a talk as resource person. He has also worked on TEQIP-MHRD, Govt. of India project as principal investigator on ceramics magnetic nanomaterial's and their multifunctional applications.
  5. 3. Worked as various administrative positions and Established 6 world class nanotechnology research laboratories, which was appreciated by Hon’ble Sri Nitish Kr Ji, CM, Bihar, India and eminent academicians of national/international repute.
        Dr. Rakesh Kr Singh Joined at Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna on 2nd September 2013 and from date of joining, he has been carrying the responsibilities of different affairs of Establishment of first center of this university, together with other corporates/Management of the university as nodal officer/ Head of the university center/coordinator of various administrative or academic committee/ Proctors of the university.
        Most importantly he Established 6 world class Nanomaterial research laboratory at new campus of Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna as a Professor in charge-Establishment/ Head/ Academic-in charge and Hon’ble CM, Bihar Sri Nitish Kr Ji and authorities of universities and various academicians appreciated him for such research establishment.
  7. 4. Worked in NAAC-A grade and Center for Excellence college of UGC and guided/worked on 18 project, till date
        Before joining to Aryabhatta Knowledge University Patna on 2nd Sep 2013, He has worked as an Asst. Professor of Physics( appointed as regular faculty by autonomous bodies-Management) in NAAC- A Grade with CGPA 3.58/4 & College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) status, accorded by UGC, institute-Patna Women's College, Patna University, Since August 2004 to 1st September 2013. During this 9 year period of work experience, apart from Teaching-Learning & Evaluation and Co-curricular activities(UG & PG level and extension services) , he has guided and worked in UGC-Sponsored Research Projects under 'College with Potential for Excellence' (CPE: Total- 09) status scheme, Basic Scientific Research (BSR: Total -7), UGC- Govt. of India, Special scheme, Minor Research Project(MRP: Total-01) under regular faculty scheme (Total Projects: CPE : 09, MRP:01 and BSR : 07 Total = 17). In this period he has published/reported about 42 research publications/Books for M.Sc in SCI/Scopus/peer reviewed journals and invited to deliver a lecture on frontiers research-Nanotechnology, Learning science through experiment at all levels of study and related subject by more than 100 academic institutions/ Govt. and Non-Govt. sectors.
  9. 5. He has awarded/ recognized by Eminent academicians/ Govt. organizations:
        Chancellor( Governor) award for best Young teacher with research contributions in modern field of science nanoscience in year 2021; In August 2016 at Stockholm, Sweden in European Advanced Material Congress-2016, Dr. Rakesh research presentation on “Ayurvedic Bhasma as Nanomedicine- An Ancient Wisdom” was highly appreciated at European Advanced Material Conference and Executive Chairs felicitated to him; Senior Resource Person of Utsahi Physics Teachers/ Anveshika Coordinator, coordinated by Padam shree Prof. H.C.Verma, Dept. of Physics, IIT Kanpur in May 2009; Young Scientist Award in 1st Global Bihar Science Conference held at Patna Science College, Patna University in May 2008; Master Resource Person of International Year of Physics – 2005, International year of Astronomy – 2009 (Trained by DST, Govt. of India and proclaimed by united nations) and invited by DST, Govt. of India to attend the Interactive meet of Nobel Laureates and Science Icons of European Union, Germany held Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 8th February 2007.
  11. 6. Teaching science through low cost experiment is highly innovative and effective and Conducted/organized more than 200 conferences/Seminars and delivered more than 200 lectures in different parts of country and abroad.
        Dr. Rakesh has been the Organizing secretary/ Conveners/ Coordinators of more than 200 conferences/ Seminars/ of International/ National repute along with keen interest in innovative Science teaching in class room through low cost / No cost experiments, initiative of Padam shree Prof. H C Verma, IIT Kanpur. Such innovative practices helps in demystifying Science, developing Scientific thinking and create science especially Physics learning interesting.
        Over the last 16 years, Dr. Rakesh has been working working for Revitalization of Science education and inspire for research in academic institutions and in this process, he has invited by more than 300 times to deliver a lecture , interacted more than 50,000 students and 1000 teachers across the country.
  13. 7. Was a member of various higher bodies of universities/organizations, including- Executive council, Court, PGRC, Proctor of AKU and some international/National Professional/ Scientific society.
        He has been member/ Convenor of various academic bodies such Post-Graduate programme & Research, Doctoral Committee, Post-Graduate Research council(PGRC), Board of studies, Academic council, Coordinator/ Executive council member of National Anveshika Network of India, coordinated by Prof. H.C.Verma, IIT Kanpur and Society for Scientific Values, Delhi, Coordinated by Eminent academicians of IIT’s/CSIR labs/ JNU/Central universities.
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